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Our webinar, "Is Your Software Business Future-Proof?" has come and gone. You can access the recording any time by filling out the form.

Check out this recorded webinar to help future-proof your business.

If you're not ahead in today's digital economy, you're behind. 

In order to stay ahead, you need to understand how to prepare your business for long-term growth, both locally and globally.

Webinar Details:
Duration: 55 minutes
Hosts: Brian Deignan and Matt Loos
Topic: Setting up your company for long-term growth

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Key Takeaways From the Webinar

How to Localize Your Target Market

The Science Behind Subscriptions

Why Self Service Models Work

When localizing your target market, there are many things that your software business should be aware of, including compliance and payments, effective coupon tools, as well as currency and language adaptations.

Subscriptions can be a crucial piece of scaling your business. In this webinar, we explain why the predictability, customer preference and lifetime value of subscriptions can help set your company up for success.

In the webinar, we dive into a few areas that highlight how customer support, try and buy, and agile merchandising are all crucial parts of a successful self service model. 

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